Cassibba Semiprepared for Pastry and Restaurant

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Tradition. Innovation. Quality

Until the 1980s patisserie products in Italy were all handmade; the results were no doubt excellent, but considerable physical effort was needed, especially when large quantities had to be produced. No one knew this better than the people who actually did the work with their own hands, 24 hours a day ...
So, in 1985, Prodotti Dolciari Cassibba (Cassibba Confectionery Products) was founded to make using innovative technologies these products that had until then involved laborious manual work.

Cassibba S.r.l. grew out of the successes gained and an ambition for continued growth, a clear indication that the company has come to occupy a leading position in the market and has become a benchmark for the confectionery and catering industry. The ground is now prepared for the introduction of a series of projects to guarantee and improve the quality of its vast and ever-expanding range of products and keep abreast of market trends.

Cassibba in the world

Cassibba S.r.l.’s successes in the confectionery industry have strengthened the company’s position in many international markets.

Cassibba S.r.l. has all the facilities needed to arrange any type of shipment.

The Cassibba S.r.l. team is a dynamic and highly dedicated group of top-rate experienced professionals providing clients with a prompt and efficient service, backed up by a network of agents guaranteeing the best possible commercial support in the main world markets.