In Italy until the 80’s all pastry products were handmade ; due to the hard physical work , the result was successful especially when the production reached high quantities.
No one can understand this situation better of who has had first-hand experience, 24 hours per day..in this way, in 1985 was born the company Prodotti Dolciari Cassibba , that produced with innovation all that previously was handmade.

The recent foundation of the company Cassibba S.r.l. is due to the success obtained and the ambition to a continuous growth, clear sign that the company has reached a prominent position on the trade market, establishing itself as point of reference in the field of bakery and restaurant.
This will allow to start new projects to improve the qualitative standard of the semi-finished products , intended to enrich more and more, to be always in line with the trade market trends.

Cassibba around the world

The result obtained by CASSIBBA S.r.l. in the field of bakery has consolidated the existence of the company in a lot of international trade markets. The organisation of CASSIBBA S.r.l. provides all the necessary services for every type of shipment.
CASSIBBA’s team is made up by professional and dynamic elements with experience and ready to attend all the customers thanks to an agents network that guarantee the best commercial support in the main international trade markets.