Fantasie alla pesca | Cassibba ricette
Peach Fantasy
December 11, 2017
Mandorlosa | Cassibba ricette
December 11, 2017


Bavarian pepper cream
Blood orange palet

N. 40 approx. Mignon shortcrust tartlets

Bavarian pepper cream
500 g.- milk
50 g.- egg yolks
75 g.- sugar
12 g.- gelatine leaves
150 g.- white chocolate
To taste – white and black pepper
900 g.- cream at 35% fat content

Heat at 80° the milk with the sugar and the egg yolks, then add the previously softened gelatine leaves and the white and black pepper. Add the white chocolate , leave to cool and finally add the the cream .
Blood orange palet
500 g.- orange purée
100 g.- sugar
100 g.- glucose
14 g.- gelatine leaves

Heat the orange purée with the sugar at 65 degrees, then add the gelatine leaves.