Bavarese al pepe | Cassibba ricette
Bavarian Pepper
December 11, 2017
Barchette con crema di caprino e gambero crudo | Cassibba ricette
Oval tartlets with goat cheese cream and raw shrimp
December 11, 2017


Almond and chocolate crumble mixture
Bavarian cream with toasted almonds of Avola


N. 40 approx. mignon shortcrust tartlets with cocoa

Almond and chocolate crumble mixture
100 g. - sugar
100 g. - ground almonds
100 g. - butter
90 g. - soft wheat flour
10 g. - cocoa

Knead all the listed ingredients in order. Bake at 160 degrees for 20 minutes approx.
Toasted Avola almond Bavarois
200 g. - full-cream milk
40 g. - egg yolks
30 g. - sugar
8 g. - gelatine leaves
200 g. - toasted almonds
600 g. - semi-whipped cream

Prepare a custard with milk, egg yolks and sugar and heat at 85°. Then add the gelatine leaves previously soaked in cold water and the toasted almonds. Cool at 28°. Finally add the cream.