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December 11, 2017
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December 11, 2017


Lavender flavoured ganache
Etna mulberries mousse

n. 20 approx. Mignon shortcrust tartlets with cocoa

Lavender flavoured ganache
37 g.- Lavender infusion
100 g.- water
330 g.- fresh cream
65 g.- glucose
35 g.- butter
450 g.- milk chocolate
255 g.- dark chocolate

Leave the lavender infusion in water for 5 minutes approx. and pour it onto a mixture composed by boiled cream, glucose and butter. Filter the mixture over the white and dark chocolate and cool it.
Etna mulberries mousse
500g.- mulberries purée
200 g.- Italian meringhe
10 g.- gelatine leaves
300 g.- cream at 35% fat content

In the microwave , dissolve half mulberries purée with the fish glue, add the remaining purée, meringhe and then the semi-whipped cream.