Mela verde | Cassibba ricette
Green Apple
December 11, 2017
Letto di lamponi | Cassibba ricette
Raspberries Bed
December 11, 2017


Strawberries, fresh mint and pine nuts mixture Custard
Lime mousse

n.4 approx. , shortcrust pastries of 185 mm

Strawberries, fresh mint and pine nuts mixture
100 g.- water
250 g.- granulated sugar
650 g.- strawberries
12 g.- fresh mint
25g.- lemon juice

Cook at 140° the sugar with the water, add the slices of strawberries and the fresh mint leaves, mix and cook for 10-15 minutes approx. Finally add the pine nuts and the lemon juice. Keep in a glass jar or vacuum-packed in the fridge
900 g.- milk
100 g.- cream at 35% fat content
250 g.- egg yolks
250 g.- sugar
80 g.- rice starch
25 g.- corn starch

Boil the milk and the cream. Mix the egg yolks, sugar and rice and corn starch. Add both mixtures and boil. Pour in a bowl covered with clingfilm.
Lime mousse
500 g.- green lemon purée
38 g.- gelatine leaves
875 g.- italian meringhe
875 g.- semi-whipped cream

Dissolve in the microwave the gelatine previously soaked in cold water. Add a part of lemon purée and add the remaining purée mixing vigorously. The mixture shouldn’t exceed the 15°. Add the italian meringhe and the semi-whipped cream.