Mignon di stinco di vitello con uova di quaglia fritte | Cassibba ricette
Mignon veal shank with fried and hard-boiled quail eggs
December 11, 2017
Vol au vent con insalata di calamari | Cassibba ricette
Vol au vent with squids salad
December 11, 2017


Buffalo mozzarella
Peeled datterino


n.1 – aubergine
n.10 – datterino
200 g.- buffalo mozzarella
To taste- parsley
To taste-basil


Cut the aubergines in cubes. Fry and dry them with paper towels .
Boil the datterino in boiled water for 30 seconds. Cool in water and ice.
Cut the buffalo mozzarella in cubes equal to the aubergines one, form the tartlet with all the ingredients and garnish with basil and parsley.