Quadrati di sgombro scottato melenzane fritte arancia e pistacchio | Cassibba ricette
Square seared mackerel with fried aubergines, oranges and pistachio
December 11, 2017
Insalata di baccalà in canestro con arance e cipolla cruda | Cassibba ricette
Cod salad in baskets with oranges and raw red onions
December 11, 2017


Oysters and lemon peel
Garnished with frisée salad , marjoram leaves and tomatoes

n.10 mignon handmade shortcrust tartlets with brisé pastry

Candied lemon

n.3 – Lemons
100 g.- sugar
100 g.- water


Peel the lemon and cut into thin strips.
Boil three times and once in the sugar syrup

Tartlets with oysters

n.10 – oysters
n.1 – frisée salad
to taste –marjoram
to taste- tomatoes


Put over each tartlet the frisée salad and the shucked oysters.
Garnish with the candied lemon , marjoram leaves and diced tomatoes.